Thursday, 14 April 2016

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Welcome fellow pastie people! ;)
I have decided to finally create a tanning blog so that I can somehow share my tanning obsession with all of you who might be tan-curious or also tan-obsessed!
So, the best way to start this would be simple ...

Hi, my name is Erica and I'm a tan-a-holic.

Now that we got that out of the way, I will try and explain to you exactly why I have created this page. For the last 15 years (wow, now I feel old) I have been a victim to tanning in every possible way. It started out as a fun thing to do with my friends back in high school as we would lay out for hours basking in the gorgeous Southern California sun. Then one day, I was old enough to utilize "the enemy" ... a tanning bed. I went to the tanning beds on a regular basis, sometimes 5 days a week. I was a beautiful bronze in my late teens and early twenties due to "the enemy". My also tan-a-holic friend, who I will be introducing to you throughout this blog, Lisa would accompany me in the traditional tanning bed, then backyard, then beach excursions. We would literally lather our bodies in skin accelerator lotions, go to a tanning bed for 30 minutes, put more tanning skin accelerator cream on, top it off with baby oil and lay in the sun for hours. You can imagine how amazing our color was, right? Yes, it was incredible! And the more red we would get or the more we would peel, the happier we were! Until "the enemy" caught up with me folks. One day in 2003, my boyfriend (husband and father to our son now) noticed a mole under my breast. I hesitantly went to the dermatologist and found out that it was a very "high risk red flag celled" mole. They took out a lot of my skin and inside my breast. I WAS LUCKY PEOPLE! If my husband didn't notice that, who knows what could have happened. Here is my point ... DO NOT ENTER INTO A TANNING BED "THE ENEMY" FRIENDS! IT WILL KILL YOU. DO NOT LAY OUT IN THE SUN FOR HOURS ON END! DO NOT GO OUT INTO THE SUN WITHOUT PROTECTING YOUR BEAUTIFUL SKIN. If I had just listened to my beautiful Mother when she would say "Erica, please stop tanning in the tanning beds and in the sun, I got Malignant Melanoma that way" I wouldn't have the awful sun damaged skin issues I have today. People, if you or a family member have ever had skin cancer ... DO NOT BE STUPID!
So, here I am, still a tan-a-holic ... the only difference is for the past 7 years I have been forced to use an alternative method to being tan ... a FAKE TAN! I am obsessed! And when I say fake tan I do not mean orange, I mean a bronzed brown fake tan ... a real feeling fake tan. That is my mission! I have used almost every product out there on the shelf! I have used multiple spray tan artists! I am open to use and blog about new products.
And hey ... just because I am a Mom doesn't mean I don't want to feel beautiful.
So, welcome to this tanning journey with me, Erica ... The Tanning Mom! ;)

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